About Us

Guiding Principles & Good Governance


The organisation’s resources are utilised with honesty in order to effectively and efficiently achieve set objectives.


Financial statements are prepared in compliance with the Tanzanian tax laws and auditing is conducted by an independent, well respected top-tier audit firm.


Zero tolerance towards corruption and full clarity on how company funds are utilised with records representing an accurate, honest and fair reflection of reality.

Cost Effectiveness

A culture of frugality is promoted and observed with maximised quality at a minimal cost.


Company decisions and actions are well documented and accessible at all times. 


Consistencies with the LUICO HR Policies Manual, Financial Regulations, Procurement Procedures, and any other directives issued by the Board, are observed with utmost concession.


LUICO manages its resources, assets and planning in a manner that enhances and safeguards the sustainability of its work.

Our Core Values


We proactively embrace innovation and originality in what we do.


We achieve our goals with cohesiveness and seamless support for one another.


We ensure competency and efficiency in our pursuit for excellence.


We are driven by an unmatched sense of duty and responsibility.


We uphold high standards of confidence and honesty and are free from undue influence.

Our Clients

Our Vision

To be a leading investment company to create wealth to support Evangelism.

Our Mission

To contribute to Evangelism as well as sustainable social and economic growth of our communities, by pooling resources for sound, innovative and market driven investments that are professionally managed and guarantee maximum returns.

Business Hours

  • 8:00am - 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)