Financial Institution & Insurance

Financial Institutions and Insurance Agency

In the present world the security of your property is an inevitable thing. The big question that arises in this is what insurer will guarantee you peace of mind when facing impending tragedies? LUICO has partnered with Maendeleo Bank to provide our clients with affordable insurance packages.

Types of Insurance

Motor Insurance

A basic and compulsory Insurance cover for Private vehicles; Commercial vehicles; Motorcycles (eg. Bodaboda & Bajaj) ; Public service vehicles (eg. Daladala & Taxis)

Domestic Insurance

Special insurance that provide compensation for residential property against fire accidents, hurricanes and compensation for losses resulting from impairment of domestic assets.

Travel Insurance

Special insurance for travelers that provide a return to a traveler who has experienced an accident or death abroad, to cover the loss of property costs, as well as to cover medical expenses and admission to hospitals abroad while traveling.

All Risk Insurance

Covers in respect of specified personal belongings for accidental loss, damage or stolen in the residence or away from the residence, eg. Camera, generators, laptops, lamps, calculators etc.

Insurance Premium Finance

Through your Maendeleo Bank account, you can now pay for your insurance easily, through an insurance loan, where its refunds are issued on a monthly basis with an affordable interest.