Our IT Department offers services in a wide category. 

We do...

Software development & implementation

LUICO offers a variety of software for different needs. We also design tailor-made software pertinent to clients’ needs.

Website Creation

We design all kinds of websites for our clients. We work with all mainstream platforms and ensure that clients get exactly what they want.

Security Systems

We install different kids of security systems (CCTV cameras, Card lock, Biometric attendance systems and Access control gates)depending on the needs of our clients.


We help set up Local Area Networks (LAN) according to our clients’ needs.

Supply IT Equipment

We supply all kinds of IT equipment for different uses. Our clients reach out to us with requests and we assist with procurement.

Acoustic treatment

We treat walls for echo consultation for cinemas, auditoriums, workshops etc.

Video streaming

We provide streaming services (video & audio) for events such as conferences.

Our Products

Care 2x

This is a comprehensive information management system for healthcare centres ranging from referral hospitals to dispensaries. The system combines all information systems pertinent to hospital management (i.e. patient records, pharmacy, laboratory, communications etc) into one system giving hospitals the option to store all relevant data securely with less paperwork and more efficiency and accountability.

Human Resource System

LUICO has designed a simple HR management system for companies to utilize when it comes to recruitment and employee management. This system comes with many useful features such as an employee database, service portals, a payroll system and many more. By switching to this system, companies can opt to digitize HR information hence saving money on printing and reduce the bulk of paperwork. Additionally, information stored in the HR system won’t be lost thus ensuring records are kept for future references.

Church MIS

This is an administrative application that is used by churches in managing their affairs, from congregation members’ information to budget planning. This application is designed to make churches more accountable and transparent in what they do; in addition to lessening the workload when it comes to managerial tasks. LUICO has worked to create an easy to use interface whereby users can access different kinds of information at their fingertips thus making it more efficient to upload data and store it for future use.

School/College MIS

This is a complete school management software designed to automate a school's diverse operations from classes, exams to school events calendar. This school software has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. This software supports multiple languages and has features that allow schools to customise their schedules and activities to fit their needs.


This is a management software suitable for businesses so they can keep track of their finances (i.e.sales, expenses etc). This web-based tool, with top-grade security features, provides businesses with the option of carrying out their accounting duties easily with a reliable software that can store records accurately thus saving time and cost of having to do it manually.

Tumwabudu Mungu Wetu App 2019

This is an app, developed in-house by our department, that gives you access to the Litrugy, Songs, KKKT Calender and the book of 'Sala za Nyumba kwa Nyumba'. The app is now available on Google Play Store- just search for 'Tumwabudu Mungu Wetu KKKT 2019'.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible products.

Kelvin Mbuya

Kelvin Mbuya

ICT Supervisor
John David

John David

Survailance Specialist
Upendo Jonas

Upendo Jonas

System Support Officer
Amani Pascal

Amani Pascal

Website Developer
Lucky Niko

Lucky Niko

Communications Officer