What we do.
Software development & implementation

LUICO offers a variety of software for different needs. We also design tailor-made software pertinent to clients’ needs.

Development of Mobile Apps

We design all kinds of cross platforms mobile Apps for our clients. We work with all mainstream platforms and ensure that clients get exactly what they want.


LUICO develops serviced plots for residential and commercial use. We seek to make our mark in Tanzania’s real estate industry by meeting the demand for specialised housing units in well planned areas.


LUICO runs a successful hospitality project, the New Safari Hotel, located in Arusha city centre. The hotel offers many comforts such as accommodation, delicious food and other services suitable for guests. It is the perfect stop for those looking to explore national parks such as Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire and Serengeti- including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s also suitable for guests who are transiting Arusha for other destinations and those who are on business trips.



Due to the growing demand of fresh fruits and vegetables both in and outside Tanzania, LUICO plans on launching large scale horticulture projects that shall supply fresh produce in the long run. 


LUICO shall contribute its expertise and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in planting trees in designated areas as both a climate change mitigation effort and a source for processed timber.


LUICO intends to expand Tanzania’s production of grains for both local use and export. Thus contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Financials &

LUICO successfully operates the ELCT Bank and an accompanying Insurance Agency.



LUICO is looking into trading of agricultural commodities. The company is currently planning on scouting locations for storage warehouses, for different crops, as a means to address food security issues in Tanzania. By filling the gap in post harvest loss, LUICO hopes to add value to the agricultural value chain and contribute towards better practices and a more sustainable future for the crop market.

ICT Equipment

LUICO’s ICT department has a team of developers who design software that meets customers’ requirements. Additionally, the department supplies equipment such as desktops, laptops and servers in accordance with the software purchased. LUICO also provides clients with expert advice on the preference of ICT equipment and training on how to utilise them effectively- together with maintenance services.