Information technology
Solutions for software design and development
Residential and commercial projects around the country
Forestry, horticulture and grains
LUICO successfully operates the New Safari Hotel in Arusha.
Warehouses and storage facilities for post-harvest loss prevention.
Collaboration with Maendeleo Bank and Uchumi Commercial Bank
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"To be a leading Investment Company to create wealth to support Evangelism"

About us

Lutheran Investment Company (LUICO) is a limited liability company based in the United Republic of Tanzania. It was founded in 2000 under the Companies Ordinance Cap 212 (Later Act No. 12 of 2002) as an investment arm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT).

LUICO was founded with the main objective of operating as an investment and holding company with the mandate of guiding and assisting the ELCT, and its units, in managing financial resources and properties so as to achieve maximum returns.

What we do

Information Technology

LUICO successfully operates an internal IT department that designs an array of software products for a diverse set of clients.

Hotels & hospitality

LUICO successfully operates the New Safari Hotel in Arusha.

Real Estate

LUICO successfully operates the Kunduchi Trinity Tower in Dar es Salaam, ELCT Plaza and surveyed ready to sell plots in Arusha.


LUICO successfully operates warehouses and storage facilities for post-harvest loss prevention.


LUICO has successfully overseen the planting of trees in a designated forested area that is recognized by the government.

Financials & Insurance

LUICO successfully operates the ELCT Bank and an accompanying Insurance Agency.

our products

our management team

Victor Malewo

Victor Malewo

Chief Executive Officer
Simbo Joseph

Simbo Joseph

Investment Analyst
Jeremiah Chaki

Jeremiah Chaki

Project Officer

client testimonials

LUICO has a strong team of professionals who get the job done well. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Dr. Peter Mabula

Medical Doctor

Their IT Department is the best I have worked with!

Mr. Macha Velly

IT Specialist

I am grateful to have come across LUICO. They truly know how to deliver with utmost care and precision.

Elizabeth Megiroo

Project Officer

Nimelipia nafurahia sana asanteni sana... Mbarikiwe sana, sijutii Tsh 3000

Kristonsia Nkya